Scientific Knowledge, Creating Results

Gannon Chemicals Ltd., Ballindine, Claremorris, Co. Mayo

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Gannon Chemicals produce a range of concentrated products with controlled dispensing for safety and ease of use across the Hospitality sectors. Our purpose is the application of scientific knowledge to produce the most cost effective cleaning solutions. We create solutions that deliver results; we deliver clean plates, cutlery, crockery and glass ware. We back these solutions with electronic dosing technology and service.

Dish wash and Laundry machines are tested for wash quality results, water hardness checked, wash jets, wash temperature and rinse tank temperature is also checked. All items that need to be working to their optimum, to guarantee superior cleaning results.

Dosage unit downloads are processed to give the customer a breakdown of how many washes their dishwasher is doing, how many times the water was changed a day, and how much chemical is being used per wash. Laundry reports give the same information, coupled with what kind of washes are being processed the most, woollens, linen etc.

Our plant is fully ISO registered and all our chemistry is REACH compliant.