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Food Processing

Today's industrial detergent market requires more application specific cleaning chemicals for the food processing sector. End-users include several distinct segments such as manufacturing units, building service contractors, retail, and other commercial facilities. However, the needs and specification for cleaning products used by these segments differ vastly. Products intended for use by cleaning contractors may include those for cleaning soiled floors, carpets, toilets, windows and industrial machinery.

With customer inclination towards effective, eco-friendly and less labour-intensive products, we have incorporated these requirements in product design and development into our products.

At Gannon Chemicals Ltd packaging and dispensing equipment used along with our cleaning chemicals have changed both in their functional properties and use.

Product differentiation has been a winning strategy for us and product features such as environmental compatibility, mildness, safety and multidimensional application are key to this success.

Certain specialized cleaners such as sanitizers and degreasers that aim at removing stubborn grease and stains and cleaners with high efficiency at both low and high temperatures are widely used in the food service industry. Gannon Chemicals Ltd and is driven towards environment and social safety.